Customer journey analytics

Gain experience insights that count

Customer journey analytics: gain experience insights that count

Today’s customer journeys are increasingly complex. They can span days, weeks or months and extend across multiple channels; and the same customer might take multiple journeys simultaneously.

Despite this complexity, customers expect a connected experience from your brand. Do you know why customers churn when you launch a new application, or your contact center is suddenly flooded with complaints? In fact, 31% of consumers stopped using a company after a negative interaction in the past twelve months, according to research from Genesys.

The issue is that many organizations don’t have adequate insight into the customer journey. Although customer data is abundant, it is typically in silos. Customer journey analytics can provide full visibility of the entire customer journey and put it into context. This allows you to identify and fix the root causes of customer experience issues and optimize the customer journey.

Customer journey analytics software continuously analyses data, measures performance, and generates actionable insights across all channels and customer journey touchpoints. It pinpoints areas of friction that prevent customers from quickly reaching their goals – and determines the best way to solve them.

See customers as individuals

Customer journey analytics goes beyond demographics and geographies. It allows marketers to segment behaviors and see customers as individuals. By qualifying customer experience performance and tracking the results of improvements in real-time, marketers can plan and adapt based on accurate insight, not instinct.

For example, a retailer was looking to boost acquisition rates. Customer journey analytics enabled the retailer to uncover high-impact journeys that result in a purchase. The retailer’s marketing team leveraged this intelligence, and an understanding of preferences and behaviors, to create campaigns to acquire new customers.

Linking customer behavior and contact center KPIs

The contact center is critical in formulating customers’ perceptions of the business. With insight into the customer journey, contact centers can better support customers by understanding their behaviors and optimize processes to improve KPIs – and at the same time increase operational efficiency.

For example, a retail bank used customer journey analytics to understand why customers were abandoning self-service channels. It identified language issues in the IVR; when this was improved, customers went back to solving their issues on the self-service platform.

Optimizing the customer journey to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty

Top-performing organizations ranked customer journey analytics as their second-highest CX-related investment priority. In addition to optimizing the contact center, it allows them to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, while driving up revenues. This is achieved thanks to faster insights and immediate access to cross-channel data and reports.

Orange Business is uniquely positioned to deliver on the insights and business outcomes customer journey analytics helps to generate. Our global team of IT and integration experts can put you ahead of the curve when it comes to customer journey analytics enabling you to:

  • Choose specific business cases to start with to accelerate business value
  • Transform data silos into actionable business insights
  • Integrate data sources to create the data journeys you want to map
  • Set up templates and dashboards to monitor, improve, and report on customer actions
  • Optimize your data and the AI engine to scan customer behaviors and optimize journeys
The definitive guide to customer journey analytics

Customers expect frictionless, connected experiences from your brand, no matter the complexity of the underlying customer journeys. Many organizations struggle to meet these expectations as data is often siloed within different business functions and there’s a lack of visibility. This in-depth whitepaper outlines how you can benefit from the exciting new technology across all parts of your business including customer experience teams, support, analytics, marketing, and digital product design.

The ultimate guide to contact center optimization

Gain an understanding of how customer journey analytics fits into your contact center optimization strategy and how it can help increase satisfaction and reduce costs. This whitepaper explores why enterprise contact centers struggle to increase satisfaction while mitigating costs and demonstrates how aligning on customer journeys can solve these challenges.

How we can help you

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